Testing Vehicle with Multiple Receivers/Antennas

Many customers need to test dual-antenna vehicles. Below is a summary of a common requirement for an automtoive customer.
Assisted Driver application, using GPS and Galileo L1 and L5 bands, and dual antennas. Customer considering a GSG-842 with SKY-Multi to support this requiremnet (along with the required signals). Customer is familiar, and comfortable with, the concept of Sky-Multi.

  1. Any additional information needed to properly set up simulation test (i.e., location of antennas to each other)?
  2. Are there any special steps to set-up a simulation test in Skydel for a dual antenna?
  3. Anything else to consider when testing a multi-antenna vehicle?



Hi @LeisaButler,

If I understood the request correctly, the customer wants to simulate 2 different antennas on the same vehicle? In this case he can configure 2 instances of Skydel by defining the same vehicle position and the same trajectory for these two configurations here:

the position offset for these antennas.
To evaluate the number of radios, they must also consider the number of frequencies to use (L1, L2, L5).

For automotive applications, the client can also use HIL to send the trajectory to many instances. Easy to do with Skydel compared to our competitor.
In case of multiple antennas for the CRPA (antenna array), the wavefront simulator should be considered.


Thank you Grace. Yes, you understood the question correctly. Many automotive customers have two antennas on their vehidle. I thought it would be worth askign the question since it comes up so often.
If the purpose of the two anennas is to determine heading, are any additional parameters required to be set-up on the simulator?

Hi @LeisaButler,

No, there are no additional settings to configure in Skydel.


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