Custom GNSS satellite/constellations?

Can I configure a custom GNSS satellite/constellation and get connected to a simulated vehicle using Skydel? if so, how?

Hi @mohdyaser,

This is possible with our Skydel Custom Signals feature. This feature allows you to create your own custom signals and attach them to GNSS satellites, so that they are broadcast alongside regular GNSS signals. It also makes it possible to design non-GNSS signals (such as LEO constellation signals) and evaluate their performance. This avoids having to design an engine that will simulate the dynamics of the satellites, the vehicle and all the effects of the environment (atmospheric effects, multipath, jamming, spoofing).

Thus, you can concentrate all your efforts on the design and architecture of the signal itself and simulates a vehicle with the usual procedure in Skydel. But it requires average programming skills because you will have to provide an XML file and a C++ shared library (.dll in Windows or .so in Linux) for each custom signal to interface with the Skydel simulator.

We’d love to have a chat to introduce you to this feature in more detail!