Adding Signals/Constellations to GSG-8 or Skydel

We get many questions about adding constellation/signals to Skydel or the GSG-8 platform. In most cases it is a simple license (field) upgrade. Because of the architecture, and utilizing SDR’s which support “all-in-view” sattellites, there is nothing else to add besides the signal license. It is always good to contact Orolia or your salesperson to confirm.


Hi Leisa, I see there is a custom signal option in the Skydel interface. It asks for an XML file, but I can’t seem to find requirements for that file in the user manual. Do you have documentation describing how to use the custom signal feature of Skydel?

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Steve, Thank you for the message. I’ll follow-up with our Engineering to get that information for you.

Hello Steve,

The “Custom Signals” is a new feature that we are integrating into Skydel. It currently has limited functionalities. So, for the moment, we have very little documentation about it, and it can only be used with specific configuration files.

Basically, the XML file describes the “Custom Signal” parameters: Central Frequency, Bandwidth, Modulation coefficients. The XML file also points to a Dynamically Linked Library (DLL or .so) file, which contains code that implements the generation of the Navigation Message and the Chips of the “Custom Signal”.

We will roll-out examples and documentation about it at the beginning of 2021. Personally, I think this will be a very exciting new feature in Skydel when it will be fully integrated.
Stay tuned!