Bring Your Own Hardware

Building your own GNSS Simulator? :hammer_and_wrench:

One of Skydel’s greatest assets is its open, software-defined architecture which easily lends itself those that want to build a simulator that is both scalable and flexible.

And because of this, we have been asked repeatedly for help, suggestions, or advice on how a Skydel user can build their own GNSS simulator with only a software license in hand. The answer wasn’t always straightforward since different users have different needs, priorities, and budgets.

So, to help guide our do-it-yourself users, we created a series of Bring Your Own Hardware documents that can help those that wish to build and configure simulators that satisfy Essential, Advanced, Expert, and NavWar requirements.

We invite you to visit our Building your own GNSS Simulator page and download any one of the document that can best help you get started!

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