Looking for basic GPS simulation

I am putting together a production test system for a product that has a GPS receiver. I don’t need an elaborate simulation, I only need to verify receive sensitivity. Can someone provide suggestions?
The product includes a Sierra Wireless HL7810 cellular modem which includes GPS functionality.


The Sierra Wireless HL7810 can receive both GPS and Glonass signals and running receiver sensitivity testing on these is easily accomplished with Skydel.

There are several options that would meet your requirements, but would require a better understanding of your test system.

The first option would be our latest turn-key solution, the GSG-7 (GSG-7 Datasheet - Safran - Navigation & Timing). Skydel is a software designed architecture, and this flexibility provides for a second option, a "Bring Your Own Hardware’ solution (Building your own GNSS Simulator - Safran - Navigation & Timing) which could be scaled to meet your needs.

If you require any additional information, or would like to see a demo of our solution, please feel free to reach out any time.