Vehicle Antenna Pattern - Settings

Is there more detailed information available for modifying the antenna pattern on a vehicle. I have looked in the Skydel manual in section, and it is a good start but hoping to program in specific antenna patterns. I think I need to manually set this up, so exported the pattern for modification but not sure where to change fields and pattern currently set to “None”

The good link for playing with Antenna pattern is the :

I can give you other tips :
-You can be interested by changing antenna pattern using our external tool “StudioView” which as an interesting antenna pattern editor. There is an application note on this topic + a program to convert files into Skydel:

-Also we can play with “none” antenna pattern when we want to simulate all satellites at the same level. This article will guide you on the topic :

I hope this will help ! we keep in touch for your support.
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PS : if you are interested by examples of patterns (for example PATCH antenna model) we are happy to share some files.
Here is an article where we share the antenna pattern for our 8230 and 8230AntiJam antennas :


Hi G-Man,

I think the image in the user manual is misleading.

You can export two things:

  • An antenna pattern
  • An antenna model

An antenna model is a set of patterns which are assigned to a specific band. There are gain patterns and phase patterns. “Basic Antenna” is an antenna model for example.

I think you want to modify a specific pattern. In order to do that, you have to click on the “More…” button for the band you want to edit.
The “More…” button is only available when the pattern type is set on “Default” or “Custom”

When you click on “More…” you will visualize the pattern you set. Here the default gain pattern receiver for L1:

On this dialog you can export or import a pattern.

In your case, I think you first can export the default pattern and look at it with the user manual part This part explain the Skydel Antenna Pattern CSV format. It will be a good first training to understand antenna pattern.

Then you can use Studio View and Sylvain’s advices in order to construct more complex antenna patterns and import it in Skydel for the band you want.

And when you set up all patterns for all band, you can export your antenna model to reuse it in another scenario. :slight_smile:

Hope this will help you!

PS: Obviously, you can do all that I said with the Skydel remote API!

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