Location of satellite antennas

Hi, I have another question regarding the satellite receivers.
How can I simulate the fixed motion of the satellite around the earth so that the antennas of the satellites are always facing the earth?


Hi @Yona,

By default, you can consider that the antenna pattern of your spacecraft vehicle is set at 90° (oriented vertically) in Skydel. Therefore, the orbital trajectory of the vehicle will follow a tangential plane (therefore perpendicular to the orientation of the antenna) which will always be updated throughout the entire trajectory of the vehicle around the earth. Then, we can say in this configuration that the “back of the antenna pattern” will always track the center of the earth.

If you want to change the orientation of the satellite antenna during the simulation (for example always following the direction of the sun or the direction of another star), you can design your own trajectory + the corresponding attitude of the vehicle using the HIL input or a CSV file that you will import in Skydel.