Vehicle simulation - Tumbling motion in API

I am trying to create a tumbling motion for my vehicle. It looks like there are two ways of achieving the motion, through adjusting the trajectory or using antenna sequencing. The issue is the scenario we have is 2 hours long, and the space vehicle is tumbling at 6 revs per minute. That is > 8000 sequences if we use a 5 degree resolution. Can the sequences or trajectory points be looped or is there any way to import an external file generated by a script? Which approach would be more appropriate for this scenario?

Also, does Skydel support receiver motion in space, like turning, pointing and orbital maneuvers? If not, that would be a great feature to add.

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Hi @mallory.flynn ,

Thank your post!

Short answer: Definitely a script!

Longer answer: Unfortunately, Skydel doesn’t support loop trajectories, so the best way to accomplish what you are describing is to import the trajectory as a .csv file directly into Skydel (using the window shown below).

Given Skydel’s 1000Hz iteration rate, the number of sequences you describe should not be an issue.

Finally, Skydel does indeed support the motions you describe including 6 degrees of freedom (DoF), as well as orbital trajectories.