StudioView to Skydel Trajectory Creation/Conversion

For those of you who have our essential GSG5 and 6 simulators. Did you know that you could build trajectories in StudioView software and migrate it to Skydel?


Furthermore, RSG trajectories from StudioView can be also converted as well for SKYDEL use. New application note will come soon for demonstration…

tried this and get an error message in SkyDel of
Uncontinuous time interval between positions. This may cause unexpected trajectory interpolation result.

In Skydel The CSV imports but I am left somewhere off the coast of Africa rather than south of Paris.

In StudioView I was using the FlightFrance.nmea file as the source. Have tried to upload but the site will not let me.

I tried a different nmea file in StudioView and same thing. Not quite sure if I am doing something wrong.

if I import the flightfrance.nmea file into Skydel from the StudioView folders (so import nmea direct rather than go via csv) I do not get the error