Can Skydel perform space-based scenarios?

For those who have asked themselves this question, the answer is yes.
Skydel is fully realistic for scenarios in space and many customers already use it for these applications.

The thing which is quite simplified in the simulator is the engine that calculates the trajectory of the spacecraft receiver which is based on the GPS propagation model. It is more a convenient took to quickly check the behavior of a receiver in space, rather than a very realistic motion engine.

However, most of our customers in this domain have their own engine calculating spacecraft trajectories considering complex effects like gravity models, solar winds, etc.
They can generate these trajectories outside of the simulator and inject them using CSV files or HIL.

Relativistic effects are considered in Skydel on the GNSS satellites which is the most important because each of them has a different trajectory. On the receiver side, even if some relativistic effects can apply in space, it will only influence the receiver’s clock frequency. So, it will be estimated in the doppler calculation of the PVT algorithm.

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