Differential GPS Scenarios

Can Skydel simulate differential GPS information to a receiver via dGPS messages and/or multi-instance? How would you recommend setting up those scenarios?

Hi Jeamin,
Yes , SKYDEL has many useful features to handle differential GNSS setup and scenarios.
Actualy, it is a very flexible tool for DGPS testing.
It can use multi-instance feature to simulate (using same hardware multiple RF output for dual generation or also simulating RTK/RTCM links thanks to our new plugin capability - future release to come soon ! )
Link to example of Multi-Instance setup for RTK case.Orolia Skydel User Manual

I have also attached RTK slides (PDF) that describes our different concepts available for SKYDEL.
RTK&SKYDEL.pdf (937.0 KB)

You have also SKY-SBAS License that allows user to set specific cases for SBAS satellites.

Managing Constellation error injection tools in SKYDEL will allow user to check the effectiveness of SBAS constellation during the simulation.

Here example for atmosphere impact

I hope this will help.
Kind regards
Sylvain Dessapt