Interference & Jamming with Skydel

I often get the question about what types of signals can be generated when creating interference and jamming. The answer is actually surprising since it is “almost any type” as long as within the capabilities of the radio.

The standard signals are shown below and include CW, Chirp, Pulse, BPSK, AWGN & BOC.

These can be configured as either static or dynamic (i.e. moving in a vehicle) and ability to change power, center freq, phase offset and relative power. These signals can be enabled/disabled and modified during a test and even have the ability to created just interference or jamming (no GNSS signal).

If you do not see the type of signal you want to transmit, then look at the option to import it from file. The diagram below shows the ability to import via IQ format.


All of this is part of the Skydel Simulation Engine (no other software required) and simply need the license enabled.


I understand that basic jamming/interference comes with basic Skydel package and includes these capabilities. What does the advanced jamming option add to the simulation engine and what other things are possible?

Hi G-Man,
You have a description of the two “options” in the User Manual.

  • 8.11. for Basic Interference
  • 8.7.12. for Advanced Jammer

The main differences are that Advance Jammer has more available signal waveforms than Basic Interference and you can add dynamic transmitter with its own trajectory with the Advance Jammer feature.


Dear Robert
How to add the interference to a signal and get the IQ data file.
We are getting two separate IQ files. one for GNSS signals and another for interference
How can we simulate

a single IQ file with interference?

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Hello @Srinu,

Hope you are doing good.
You can use an external script to post-process and combine your signal and interference IQ files.

Grace O.