IQ License Missing

What is the license that I need to add for IQ file? It appears that this is missing in my version of Skydel. This looks like a very useful capability that is included in software, and have read about it in user guide, but simply need to know what I need to do to add it.

As you just find out, the IQ File is an option. The product code to ask for is SKY-IQFILE. It allows you to modulate the signals (GNSS, Jammers, Spoofers) and redirect the output to a file (or many files) instead of streaming to RF. You can find more details in the online user manual.

The IQ File format is compliant with the GNSS Software Defined Receiver Metadata Standard.

The Advanced Jamming option (SKY-ADVJAM) will allow you to playback any IQ files including, of course, IQ files generated by Skydel. The advanced jamming feature can even correctly apply Doppler effect and propagation delays to the IQ file to simulate a playback from a specific transmitter location relative to your receiver. You also have the option to playback the IQ file as-is without any added dynamics.

You could also build your own playback tool using your favorite SDR for production testing.

You can split the signals in many IQ files. For example, you could have GPS L1 C/A and Galileo E1 in separate files. You could even create scenarios to split each satellite into its own file which can be quite useful in anechoic chambers.