IQ File recording

IQ file recorded with skydel showing all zeros, what could be the reason. How can we record the IQ data into file. How can i replay the IQ file that is already recorded by skydel or some other device.

Hello Srinu - Normally, the first few milliseconds are zeros because when the simulation starts, the signals are sent by the satellite and will take approximately 60 milliseconds to reach earth. Can you check to see if this is just at the beginning or is it constant?

Hello Srinu, as Rob explained, the IQ file contain zeros at the beginning during the propagation delay. The simulator is implemented in such a way that when you start the scenario, the simulator start the satellite transmission and it takes some time to reach the receiver. The propagation time is different for each satellite because they all have different range to the receiver. Regarding the IQ playback, you need to use the advanced jammer feature described here in the manual: Orolia Skydel User Manual

Dear Mr. rburke and stephane
Thanks for the reply.
I have checked now. The data is present after the propagation delay. Thanks for the clarification.
I have to check the IQ playback option and will reach to you if i face any problem further.


Dear sir
in the vehicle simulation, i could not be able to get the trajectory/path from one point to another point (in street map option). It pops up saying “unable to find a route please check your internet connection”, even though the internet is active. It worked before but now it poses a problem. looking forward to your reply to solve this.

Hi @Srinu,

Thank you for notifying us of this concern! What is your version of Skydel?
We will check and see where the issue is comes from.


Please keep in mind that you need to be connected to a web interface for mapping to work. I see that you stated you are connected, but this is a problem I have seen often so is it possible that maybe your system is blocking access to the web? When checking, make sure to not just check the web connection but also that there is no blocking of specific data or closed ports.

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