Details about the BPSK signal for the jammer


Can anyone tell me more about the BPSK signal of the jammer? What is the digital sequence used in the generation of the BPSK signal? Is it possible to modify the initial phase of it? Also, where can I get the information about the signal from jammer/transmitter? The outputed .csv files does not provide this information. I just want to make sure that the doppler effect is considered in the advanced jammer feature, right?

Hongzhao Zheng

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Hi @hongzhaozheng,

Indeed, in the next Skydel version (22.2.0) of Skydel, we have added a new option (Use custom PRN) in the transmitter signal window to show the digital sequence. But this version will not be official until next week.

The generation of the BPSK code is random but we have no option to modify the phase.
And yes, the doppler effect is considered in the advanced jammer feature.


That’s probably the most exciting news I’ve heard this week. May I ask if I chose to use the custom PRN, will I get similar information that I would get from satellites (e.g. atmospheric correction, Range, PSR, clock correction, etc) ?

Hongzhao Zheng