How are skydel spectrums generated?

Are matched spectrum (MS) interferers on Skydel generated using a PRN sequence (low Power to Average Power ratio (PAPR)) or is it shaped white noise (high PAPR)?


Hi @alaiya.t.winter,

Different types of interference including these methods are available in Skydel. What type of interference are you interested in?

For information on the types of interference available in Skydel, please visit the online user manual.

Thank you. I know that there are several available types of interferences but how does Skydel generate those interferences?

Hello @alaiya.t.winter ,

For BPSK and BOC inteferences, Skydel uses a “hard-coded” PRN sequence. The length of the code can be changed dynamically.

Note that for BPSK, users can select a 10ms Gold-Code PRN number from 1 to 32.
The polynomial equation is explained in the attached picture.

I hope this answers your question!


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