Spoofing scenario

I’m doing a spoofing scenario similar to the Golden Gate demo with the GSG-831.
It has a transmitter jammer to knock and a spoofer that I added in the Skydel instance.They are both in interference group 1.
In my Skydel spoofer window, I see there is a transmitter on the map that is enabled and at a different location than where I put the interferers. I am not sure how it got there. When I delete the interferers in the regular Skydel window, it does not go away.
In the Skydel spoofer program, if I delete the spoofer, everything grays out including the transmitter.
I don’t have control over this transmitter to turn it off. I’m not sure what happened.
I’ve started again and don’t have the problem, but I am wondering what may have happened.

Hi Kammis,

You can add interference transmitters with the RAPI on a Skydel Spoofer instance.
The interferences will not be broadcasted by the spoofer, this is why the GUI does not offer this possibility.

But if a transmitter is added, you will see it in the map page like you described:

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