Triangle Wave Jammer

Hi all!

I’m using Skydel to simulate common jammers, from a standardized test procedure, and the majority are chirp signals. I’m familiar with the fact that the Chirp (sweep) signal is identical in either direction–up chirp or down chirp–in the frequency domain. I’m assuming the Skydel chirp signal is of the ‘up chirp’ variety and I want to make sure that’s true.
Also, I’m curious about the chirp signal’s features mainly because I’m trying to create a “Triangle Wave” jamming signal–which I’m fairly certain uses both an ‘up chirp’ and ‘down chirp’. The Triangle Wave jammer is a jammer that sweeps performs a linear sweep of frequencies with a positive slope, then sweeps back with a negative slope creating triangle like peaks in a Frequency vs Time graph.

I’ve recorded and spectrally inverted a 10MHz (bandwidth), 20us (sweep time), chirp signal to create a ‘down chirp’ by modifying the XML file for the recorded chirp signal. I assume I can just combine the ‘down chirp’ and 'up chirp signals in the same Interference Group to create the triangular oscillation of frequency over time. Am I on the right track, or is there a simpler way of doing this?

Tobias, Adan


Hi Adan,

I think the easiest way is to generate a triangle IQ signal by changing the frequency over time, with a tool like Matlab or using a Python script and load it to Skydel in the jammer option. The generated signal will loop and you will have your triangle wave jamming signal.

Best regards