Inertial Measurements-simulation

Where can we get the simulated IMU data( sensor measurements like angular rate and acceleration) in the skydel


Hi @Srinu,

Indeed, you have the possibility to obtain the IMU data using the SDK Plug-in which is a feature of Skydel. I have checked and you have this feature activated in your license. You can now verify that you have the IMU Plug-in enabled in Help → Activate Plug-in :

To get the IMU data, please go to the Skydel’s Plug-In menu and click on Add plug-in. Selected the IMU Plug-in and open the plug-in menu tab and choose your options to save your IMU data.

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Dear Grace
in the vehicle simulation, i could not be able to get the trajectory/path from one point to another point (in street map option). It pops up saying “unable to find a route please check your internet connection”, even though the internet is active. It worked before but now it poses a problem. looking forward to your reply to solve this.

Hi @Srinu,

Thank you for notifying us of this concern! What is your version of Skydel?
I will be able to check and see where the issue is comes from.


Is there any documentation on the IMU plug-in?

I see this in the GitHub repository (top of forum)

If you scroll to the bottom, there is information specific to IMU that I found helpful.

Thanks - that answers my question.