How is Skydel better than the competition?

Please list Skydel’s competitive advantages over Spirent.

Generally speaking, our primary advantage is our methodology. Our Skydel Simulation Engine works with software defined radios (SDR’s) and commercial hardware. With this methodology, we can keep costs down for our customers and take advantage of continued technical advancements that improve performance.We have several simulator models, but can also support you if you prefer to “build your own” simulator utilizing the Skydel SW platform.
Benefits of an open, software-defined architecture approach include:

  • Maximum scalability and flexibility
  • Agile/rapid software development process
  • Innovation not limited by hardware design
  • Hundreds of signals generated in GPU
  • Mass produce high-end SDR and GPU with economy of scale
  • Optimal value and future proofed

Skydel has a vast API which allows users to automate their simulations using the full feature set contained within Skydel. Additionally, every action executed in the Skydel GUI is calling an API command. This is shown in the Automate tab. When a user wants to know what API command they need to use for a specific function, they can simply execute it in the GUI and flip over to the Automate tab to get a breakdown of the API command that was sent. You can even export these commands to a Python file! This drastically lowers the learning curve for users who are getting started with automation scripting.


It is also great that Skydel has the ability to directly connect to my receiver and show me the status, deviation, NMEA data and also allow me to do cold/warm restarts in the same GUI.


By far the most common feedback we receive from our customers is “The user interface is intuitive and easy to use”. We are able to accomplish this (without sacrificing capability) by having a great interface design team

Our products are built from the ground up to solve the most demanding simulation needs, many GNSS industry experts rely on our tools to accomplish their mission.