Performance of GNSS-SDR for IRNSS L5 Signals Using a Low-Cost RF Front-End

We are proud to highlight a new article published by the Research and Training Unit for Navigational Electronics (NERTU) at Osmania University in India – an OAPP member.

Researchers are Osmania University used Skydel, our powerful GNSS simulation software, to develop their Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS) software receiver for IRNSS L5 signals. They used Skydel’s high-performance GNSS simulation environment to develop and test the performance of all the signal-processing algorithms inside their software receiver.

We invite you to read the article here:


It is wonderful to see our Skydel SW donation going to good use - allowing academics to research, test, and prove out performance and new theories. We are proud to support today’s accomplishments and tomorrow’s innovations. Kudos to Osmania University.

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