Automated connection of GNSS receiver from API (not manual action)

Hi there,
First of all I would like to say hello to the community.
This is my first post at the forum of happy and motivated users of Skydel / GSG-8.

I must admit that philosophy of full (almost) automation that stands behind Skydel API enjoys me a lot as I am a heavy API user.
It spares my time whenever I have to perform time consuming, repeatable tasks to get receivers’ statistics.

And here is a word of explanation “full (almost) automation” phrase I used earlier. It is stated in the manual for Skydel that:
“The Skydel API is fully featured and provides complete control over the Skydel Engine”.
That is a brilliant idea I admire a lot.

Following this idea - I found, unfortunately, that I cannot automate connecting GNSS receiver to a serial port to observe NMEA protocol in Skydel log window (in tab Receiver - refer to attached snapshot). Moreover the manual action of selection serial port parameters and opening the port is not reflected on the Automation list at all.
So this feature must be a plugin (-like) or out of scope of Skydel Engine I presume…

So here is the question:

  1. Is there any method or API function that will help me automate the action of connecting any receiver that provides NMEA protocol?
  2. If not: is it possible to expose this part of API for users?

This is the last one missing link to make my python scripts fully automated and convenient for a supervising observer that monitors Skydel during monotonous and very long sessions.
I would like to provide to the observer all mechanisms that Skydel offers (Constellation, deviation tabs, Receiver tab with live NMEA log, etc.) fully configured and working from beginning of a simulation - usefulness and elegance
come first :-).

Of course I can intercept NMEA stream independently from Skydel software and provide my own visualization but that is not the point :-). Skydel has all those excellent gauges and data logs to use them - so why don’t we use them effectively.

Thanks for the patience those who survived up to this line.

Becker Avionics


Hi @MrT,

Thank you for your comment, we are happy to know that Skydel helps you to optimize your simulation time and repeatable tasks.

Very good question!

Indeed, we do not have solutions immediately available but we can offer you two methods which will be implemented by our teams:

  • We will add the command to connect to any receiver in the Skydel API commands.

  • We will be able to provide an example plug-in to connect any receiver to Skydel.

We will try our best to make these options available soon for users.


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Hi @Grace
Thank you for your swift response.
I am very glad that solutions will appear soon - I do appreciate it.
I am pretty sure that I will use both conventions.

The high quality of interactions by means of the forum (and direct contacts with engineers staff from Orolia) makes me sure and deeply convinced that my company made a good decision to use Skydel solutions.
Keep it up.