CUDA error message: invalid device symbol after Skydel upgrade to v23.8.0

i have recently upgraded our GSG-842 simulator to version 23.8.0
after that i cannot Start any simulation, because following error:
CUDA error message: invalid device symbol

error appears even if i create Default configuration from scratch (not using configuration, created with older versions of Skydel).

Issue is critical - all out activities with simulator stopped.

support case also was created, number = 00305378

Thank you for your post @kchereshnev ,

we are looking into this now.

In the meantime, you can confirm that you are using at minimum Nvidia driver version 520.61.05?


shame on me!
i haven’t upgraded NVIDIA driver, as it is noted on Skydel update page.

Current results:

  1. i have upgraded NVIDIA driver to version 535.113 following steps from here
  2. after NVIDIA driver upgrade my Skydel version 23.8.0 starts as expected without CUDE error

thanks for support!

p.s. after upgrading of NVIDIA drive resolution of my Display, connected to GSG simulator via Display Port went to 640x480 (very low).

  1. i could not change resolution using User Interface of Ubuntu
  2. i could not change resolution using terminal and xrandr command
    solution - you need to disable nouveau driver on you Ubuntu (google something like 16.04 - How to disable Nouveau kernel driver - Ask Ubuntu)

Glad to hear everything is working well @kchereshnev !

And thanks for the DisplayPort note… we will look into that and see if we can reproduce.