CUDA compute capability 8.9

Hi there,
We are running into an issue with the CUDA compute capability of Skydel. I am not sure capability 8.9 is supported looking at the example configurations.

With an RTX 4090, the cuFFT test fails with Error value: 5
Could you please advise on a possible solution or update plan?

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Hi mspanghero,

You’re right.
We will upgrade CUDA version in the next major release of Skydel. This issue will be fixed!

Have a good day,


Thanks, that sounds fantastic.
Do you have an estimated release date?


The next major should be out by the end of September. :slight_smile:


Good news, @mspanghero

The CUDA fix will be released sooner than planned. We will be releasing a new Skydel version before the end of this month.

Thanks for your patience!


Great! Looking forward to it, I hope the information provided was of some help!

Hi! I’m just following up on this, is the new major release out?


Hi @mspanghero ,

will be happening any day now.
In the meantime, I am happy to direct you to the release notes for this version.