Control Skydel remotely

Is it possible to control Skydel remotely (via TCP/IP for example) from another PC?


Hello Yona,

Yes, you can control Skydel remotely via TCP/IP. You can find the complete documentation here: Orolia Skydel User Manual

To facilitate the integration task, Skydel comes with a client API that will take care of the connection and communication. All you need to do is call the functions you need in one of the supported language: Python, C++ or C#. If you want to use another language, not a problem. The client API library is open source and you can use it to implement your own library.

Another very useful tool in Skydel is the Export to Python feature. Everything you do in the GUI is recorded in the Automate tab, just like a macro. You can replay all or portions of the recorded macro, but more importantly, you can click Export to Python to generate a Python script to replicate the interactions you just had with the GUI. This will cut the learning curve to automate your project significantly. In just a few minutes, you can create complex automation.



Pretty cool that Skydel can do this. I appreciate the very detailed explanation.
Thanks @stephane.hamel.