Learning the Python API Environment

Is there documentation for the python API commands? What is the best way to learn the Python API environment?

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Hi Jaemin,

You can find the API documentation in your Skydel folder (by default this is Skydel-SDX) > API > Documentation.txt

I think the best way to begin with the Python API is to take a look at some scripts prefixed with “example_” in Skydel-SDX > API > Python.
If you want to go further, you can also take a look at the source code in Skydel-SDX > API > Python > skydelsdx folder.

Hope this will help,

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The easiest way to learn how to use the API to perform multiple tasks is to simply do it using the GUI. Every interactions before and while running a simulation are logged in the Automate page asa sequence of commands. On the Automation page, you can click on any command to see the details (command name, parameters, etc). You can even click on the Export to Python button and Skydel will generate a Python script using the open source API provided with Skydel.