API Upgrade question

I’m trying to get back into Python automation of Skydel after a long hiatus. I’m getting the following message when I run the “sim.connect” API command.

sim.connect(“localhost”, 1)
Warning: Client Api Version (17) != Server Api Version (28)

OK, so I have an old API on my computer??

How do I get the versions to agree with each other?

Where do I get the new API?

I’m using 20.2.3.

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Hi Richard,

Let me walk through the reason why your API doesn’t seems up to date and how to fix it.

When a new version of Skydel is installed, we copy the new version of the API in the Skydel-SDX/API folder (which is found in Documents folder by default). If you go in the Python folder, found inside the API folder, and execute your script, there should be no issues.

In order to be able to to run your script from anywhere with the new version of the API, you need to execute python setup.py install inside Skydel-SDX/API/Python folder.

Hope this clears everything up,
Best regards,

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I was having difficulty on a few fronts. One was that I was using Anaconda and Python 2.7. Upgrading my Anaconda installation and using 3.7 helps a lot. Once I was able to run the install script, I was able to use the API effectively.

Thank you for the quick turn around on the question!

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