API authentication


it would be nice if the API would authenticate users (such that e.g. only with a common secret the API accepts the commands it receives through TCP/IP).
According to the manual Orolia Skydel User Manual this does not seem to be implemented right now.

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Hello Clemens, thanks for the suggestion. In your case, is it mostly to avoid API clients connecting to the wrong Skydel instance? For example, a simple typo mistake on the port number could lead to a connection to the wrong Skydel instance. Or do you need encryption between the client and server? Usually, Skydel runs on private network so encrypted communication is not something we hear often.

Hello, thanks for the reply.
Both cases would be nice to solve.

The case you are describing is a little bit troublesome especially as students might interfere with simulations colleagues are running.

But also the encryption would be useful for us. It’s kind of a private network but with thousands of users :upside_down_face:

Thanks for the clarification. I will bring this suggestion to the team for consideration and prioritization.

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