Plug-in interface version is no longer compatible with Skydel's

Hi everyone,

how can I update my plug-in’s interface version to Skydel’s? I’m currently developing a custom plug-in in the Skydel API. However, the following error message comes up in the “General” section of the plug-in’s UI:
“Plug-in interface version is no longer compatible with Skydel’s. Update plug-in interface version to Skydel’s to be compatible.”
Also, the following screenshot shows the table in the “General” section of the plug-in’s UI, which hints at an incompatible SkydelCore version:

This problem is present since the update to verion 21.3.2.

I have looked through the user manual, but couldn’t find anything about how to update the SkydelCore.

Thanks in advance


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Hello Marcel,

The latest plug-in SDK is available here. It was published just now!

At the moment you wrote your question, the compatible SDK version for Skydel 21.3.2 was not available yet, but should be now.

Tell me if recompiling your plug-in with the latest SDK corrects the issue :slight_smile:

Have a great day


Hey Marcel
I am curious about what you are developing in the Plug-In. Since it is a fairly new model, I am just checking to see how it is being used and some specifics. Please message me directly in this community or send me an e-mail at
Thanks - Rob Burke

Hey Felix and Rob,

recompiling the plug-in fixed the issue right away. Thank you for this quick fix!

The plug-in we developed combines the data from the PositionObserver- and IMU-plug-in. This enables us to receive the data in one stream and with the same timestamp.

Have a great day


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Great work on this plug-in Marcel. Keep us updated on how it goes