Wi-Fi in Custom Signal?

Crazy question, but came up today in conversation about indoor tracking through Wi-Fi network, so I thought I would ask the Orolia experts. Is it possible to create and generate a 802.11 Wi-Fi signal (2.5G or 5G) with your Custom Signal option? I imagine this is based on the actual SDR frequency and bandwidth and a ton of work.

Hi, to broadcast a signal like Wi-Fi on 2.4GHz or 5GHz band, you need an SDR that can reach those frequencies. The GSG-8 is equipped with DekTec DTA-2115B radios which are excellent but can’t transmit above 2186MHz. An alternative to DekTec SDR is the Ettus Research (or NI equivalent) USRPs. These radios are not as good in term of signal quality, but can cover a wider spectrum (up to 6GHz).

Using the Advanced Jamming option (SKY-ADVJAM), it is possible to transmit an IQ File. If you can generate (or record) a Wi-Fi signal and store it as an IQ file, you use Skydel to transmit IQ to any RF frequency such as 2.4GHz or 5GHz. Skydel can automatically apply the dynamics to simulate the correct propagation delay, Doppler, power fading, etc. Or you can choose to transmit the IQ as is.

The custom signal option would not be suitable for this task. The custom signal option is meant to create experimental signals transmitted from space such as signals coming from LEO, MEO or GEO orbits for example.

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