Reference power for Interference output is not clear

hello Community!
i have GSG-842 in my Lab and wanted to clarify folowing question.

I have setup RF output 4 as Interference.
Gain value = 30dB

In General setting for Interference there is Reference power in dBm.

For example i have set Reference power = -20dBm

Question: which power level i have for such setting directly on RF output?
a. -20dBm
b. -20dBm + 30dB (Gain) = +10dBm
c. other variant

Hi @kchereshnev ,

Thanks for your question.

The correct answer is B: -20dBm + 30dB (Gain) = +10dBm

The Gain shown in the Signal Selection window (your first image) is in addition to everything shown in the GUI. The same concept also applies to GNSS signals.

Hope this help, and feel free to respond if you would like more clarifications.


hi @A-D
thanks you for a quick reply.
I have done measurements with Power Sensor, connected straightly to RF output and see only +2.3dBm
Not expected -20dBm+30dBm = +10dBm
What is a maximum power level of RF output? maybe we have reached it?

Hi @kchereshnev ,

Is it possible you are experiencing attenuation due to cable losses?
Although 7dB does seem like a lot, we just wanted to rule that out first…


hello @A-D
looks like i have reached maximum output power of Dektec card = 0dBm

Could you, please confirm that i cannot get more, than 0dBm on RFoutput of GSG-842?