Power at Receiver for interference transmitter

I’m using Skydel GSG-8. In the manual section, there is an example of a vehicle and transmitter traveling on circular paths counterclockwise and clockwise. The transmitter reference power is set to -15dBm. I’m trying to better understand the reference power at the receiver. In one of the figures, when the vehicle and interference transmitter get close, at the right side of the map screen, it is -93.26 dBm. I can get this if I take -15dBm+2.5-73.8-6.96, that is transmitter reference power, P transmitter antenna gain-propagation loss+vehicle antenna gain. Why are the latter three -transmitter gain, propagation loss and vehicle gain, given in dB and not dBm? Perhaps I am calculating this wrong?

What I would eventually like to do is set up an spoofer that matches the power of the GPS L1 CA signal. Assuming a vehicle and spoofer are just at fixed positions, would I just set the spoofer transmitter reference power so that the received power is -130 dBm. Thanks

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Never mind, I see that
=10^(-15/10)*10^(0.25)*10^(-7.38)10^(-0.696) mWatts
4.72063e-10 mWatts