Finding C/N0

Does Skydel calculate the C/N0 directly? if not, does it help me to calculate it (estimate losses, gains, powers. etc.)?

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Hi @mohdyaser,

The “reference power” for all GNSS signals generated by Skydel is around -130dBm. A slider set to “0 dB” will force the signal to be at -130dBm:

When Gaussian Noise is activated, Skydel generates noise such the ratio between a simulated GNSS signal at -130dBm and the thermal background noise will be C/NO = 44 dB*Hz.

When generating RF signals with Skydel connected to an SDR radio, the measured signal strength will be dependent on:

  • Your Skydel configuration settings
  • The radio gain
  • The losses of RF equipment
  • Etc.

In this case, you will need to perform a manual CN0 measurement.



In addition, we have recently published a related tutorial you may find helpful.

Tutorial: Measuring a GNSS Signal and Gaussian Noise Power


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