Gaussian Noise Use

Question raised : I’m currently evaluating Orolia GSG-8 device and I’ve a question related AWGN. I can see how I can select the addition of gaussian noise during Signal Selection however I don’t know which noise power level will be configured and if I can configure this value.
In the Skydel help I can see the following: You can also select Gaussian Noise. This will reproduce realistic C/No.
Please, could you clarify this statement? Can we configure the noise power level to be applied when gaussian noise is selected?

Orolia Answer :

The power level of the gaussian noise is only adjusted following the Gain value of the RF card output and actually, Gaussian Noise is set to a fixed value to simulate a thermal noise of -174 dBm/Hz (+ amplification).

You cannot change it but you can play on the GNSS signal level to change the CN0.
So the way to change the ratio between the Gaussian noise and the GNSS signal is to play the signal level only (in the Setting/Global / Signal Level menu) .

In parallel, note that you can also add Interference with additional white noise AWGN signals through “interference” tool (In the limit of the Bandwidth per each Output).