Recommended hardware when high # of signals not required

I have had several customers interested in building their own HW platform using Skydel SW. Cost is important and they do not require a high number of signals be simulated. When the performance of the Dektec card is not required, which SDR’s do you recommend?


There are 3 SDRs that Skydel currently supports:

  1. Ettus N310
  2. Ettus X300/X310 NI USRP-294xR/295xR
  3. Dektec DTA-2115B

The N310s are the most expensive followed by the X300, then the Dektec radios. Section 5 of the Skydel Manual provides all of the hardware needed for the Skydel SW including the minimal computer requirements.


Here is the list on Orolia web site:

On the GPU side, we recommend entry level Nvidia GPUs, such as the GTX1650. They have enough CUDA cores to generate between 50-80 signals at 25MSPS.

However, finding 1-PCIe slot GPUs can be more challenging. We will gladly help you selecting the right GPU if you have precise requirements.

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