GPUs Supported by Skydel

Currently only NVIDIA GPUs are supported. The processing power of the GPU determines the number of signals that GPU can typically generate.

Currently, the RTX 2080ti and the RTX Quadro 5000 are commonly used cards that can each support 300 signals or more.

Skydel 20.8 requires a Nvidia GPU supporting "CUDA compute capability 2.0", which is supported by 6-years old Nvidia GPUs (see link below for complete list).

I can’t wait to try the new Nvidia Geforce RTX3000 serie cards!!

Fun fact: the first GPU on which Skydel was run is a GT430. And the latest Skydel version is still able to run on it!

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Do I need NVIDIA GPU if all I want is to generate raw log file with pseudo range and downlink data?

No, Nvidia GPU is not required in that case!

In Skydel, there is a RF Output type called “None” that permits you to generate all the satellite data (Nav Msg, Pseudor-range, etc) in output files, but does not actually performs signal modulation.
With that “None” Output type, you can actually run a simulation faster than real-time to geneate what we call “raw logging data”.

I found this link helpful that lists the supported SDRs
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