Orbit Not Matching AGI System Tool Kit (STK)

I’m trying to make a mini LEO constellation, to determine the orbit, I simulated the satellites in Systems Tool Kit (STK) first. When it was set, I transferred the orbit parameters to Skydel (including time) but it doesn’t seem to work, as the skyview stays blank, although the vehicle is set to the same location )United Arab Emirates (UAE)). Below are screenshots from Skydel Simulation, a total of 8 LEO satellites are set, shown two of them only as an example.

Simulated Time

Satellite parameter

Sky view blank

Below is the STK simulation, showing satellites access

Sample of the satellites parameters in STK corresponding to the satellite parameters screenshots shown in Skydel respectively.


Hey @mohdyaser,

Hope you are doing good!

For each satellite’s orbit settings, you also need to enter in “Reference time (GPS)”, the same date and time you set in Setting → Start Time → Custom Time:

Your satellites are probably not visible on the date and time you set for your simulation.
Running a quick simulation with your settings, we can see the SV ID 1 satellite appear after 10 minutes:

Playing with the parameters and the time of the satellites will help to have them in view at the time of the simulation.



Thanks a lot @Grace I will do that and test it again. Appreacite your help :slight_smile:

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