Logging C/N

I’m running a simulation with a dynamic interferer and spoofer. I’d like to log the C/N that appears under the constellations tab, but I’m not sure how. It would also be nice to print to the screen at various times in the simulation with the python. Thanks for your help!

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Hi @kammis,

Thanks for writing to us.

Indeed, Skydel displays the C/N0 values ​​under the constellations tab by parsing the NMEA sentences sent by a receiver. This is process is internal and hard coded in Skydel.

But you can implement a custom NMEA parser. Here is an example of python library python to parse NMEA data: nmea-parser PyPI.

Are you using a Ublox receiver? If so, U-center is a good option to explore.


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Grace, Thanks so much!