License update failed. File not found

Hi there,

I’m experimenting a little bit of trouble while activating Skydel with the license file you provided to us (.lic file).

When trying to activate Skydel, the following error appeared, leading to the application to stop:
boost::filesystem::create_directory: Permission denied: "/usr/local/share/skydel-licenses/"

Now that I have created the directory myself, I encounter the following error message:

License update failed.

File not found.

I also experimented, by the way, the Python’s distutils issue which I have read you already identified in your Release Notes.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Hi @AlbertoT, sorry fot this inconvenience!

Could you tell me what is your version of Skydel and what is your version of operating system?

For now, the solution I have is to delete the license file here"C:\ProgramData\Skydel-Licenses\skydel_sdx.lic".
Also delete your Skydel installation, reinstall Skydel and reinstall the license.

Then let me know what happens.