Issue with Installing Skydel on Windows 11 OS


I am installing Skydel on Windows 11 OS, but I am having this problem after applying the license. Does anyone have the same problem? If so, how should I resolve this issue?


Hongzhao Zheng

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Unfortunately, Windows 11 O/S is not yet officially supported by Skydel - We still need to complete qualification tests.
Can you please try on a computer running Windows 10?

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Thank you Serge. As a feedback to you, the ~/Documents/Skydel-SDX folder is empty after applying the license to the Skydel software, which seems to be abnormal.

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Hongzhao Zheng


thanks for this detail.
Technically, ~/Documents/Skydel-SDX is filled only once you start Skydel.
I suspect something is different for the license handling under Windows 11; we will have to wait for R&D to fully understand the cause.

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