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NEW: Skydel Certification Course

THIS IS HUGE. Our team of experts has been working diligently to build a Fundamentals of Skydel Course for our users. This is the opportunity to train new users or refresh old ones on getting started using the basic features of the Skydel Simulation Engine. Upon completion, you’ll have instant access to your certificate to share on social, add to your LinkedIn profile, or document with your company or institution.

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Skydel Certification Courses - Orolia


Great job @Sam! This certification is a good tool to master Skydel very quickly.

If you have not checked out our online Skydel Certification, please check it out here: Skydel Certification Courses - Safran | Navigation and Timing (

Great for new Skydel user to familiarize yourself with the software
Certification is a useful professional tool
Take at your own pace!

Take advantage of our online training tools and share your feedback.

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