Tutorial and learning sources

Where can I find tutorial, documentation or learning sources for beginners in skydel? I want to start from scratch

Hello Mohdyaser
There are many ways to get you started with Skydel and below are some options.

  1. There is a basic tutorial in the video section of this forum
  2. The user guide is on-line and accessible by clicking it at the top of this page
  3. There are numerous application notes on specific or advance topics
  4. We often host student workshops and on-line training sessions. These range from a 1 hour introduction to a full day of training.

Currently, we are also in the process of building a full certification program, but that will not launch for a few months. In the meantime, if you would like to do self-pace learning, I would be willing to share a recorded training session that I recently did in Spain (training is still in English).
Drop me a message in this forum if you want to talk through options or feel free to contact me directly at robert.burke@orolia.com. I can probably make this easier for you by doing a customized training session for you and your team :grinning:

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Hi @mohdyaser,
please find also here a quick access to our application notes as mention by rburke:

- Running a basic simulation : https://learn.safran-navigation-timing.com/t/skydel-gsg-8-running-a-basic-scenario/242/4

- Advanced jamming : https://learn.safran-navigation-timing.com/t/skydel-gsg-8-advanced-jamming/243/2

- Advanced spoofing : https://learn.safran-navigation-timing.com/t/skydel-gsg-8-advanced-spoofing/254/2

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