Firmware SSD Samsung 980 PRO


We have a GSG-8 that came with an 1TB Samsung 980 PRO SSD. Recently we became aware that the 2TB version of those SSD have problems due to faulty firmware:

By looking at the output of “lshw -class storage” we can verify that the firmware version of our SSD is the faulty one (version 3B2QGXA7)

So far we have been running the simulator without issues and it might be the case that the problem is limited to the 2TB version of the SSD, but we’re wondering if anyone had problems with this SSD or if it would be prudent to attempt a firmware update. In the last case, is there a procedure for updating the firmware from the installed Ubuntu OS? Samsung provides an update tool that is windows only.

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Hi @ehanisch ,

We did in fact take notice of this potential problem in 2023. At that time we validated with the supplier that our SSD serial numbers were not affected by this issue.

If you wish, you can still update the firmware, but it would require a Windows machine to do so.

Thanks for reaching out!



Understood. Thank you for your time.