Change the IP address of several USRPs connected on SKYDEL

We got recently the question from user who operates with 2 x USRPs in his setup. He wanted to change the IP address of one of the USRPs to an address different from the default one, so that he could connect it to skydel.

According this approach he wanted to know how find information in addition to the user manual: Orolia Skydel User Manual

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This article provides solution : Orolia team has designed a dedicated tool for. Users can change the IP address with a simple command-line tool we have created (Windows only): Link available on our Github repository following this post :

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Thanks @Sylvain for this very useful article!

Perfect - this also solved my issue! I tried the NI-USRP configuration utility first, which didn’t work, but the Orolia tool did the job.
Maybe it would be helpful to add a link to the tool in the manual in point

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Hello @alblinks,

We are very glad to know that this tool helps to solve your issue.
We noted your suggestion to add this article to our user manual, thank you.

Grace O.