Which of the BeiDou satellites does Skydel simulate?

From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_BeiDou_satellites I can see that BeiDou has, 42 satellites.

6 are in geostationary orbits (GEO),
10 are in 55° inclined geosynchronous orbits (IGSO) and
26 are in Medium Earth orbits (MEO).

Of these three types of satellites, which ones can Skydel simulate?

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As of today, Skydel only supports IGSO and MEO BeiDou satellites.
Furthermore, only the satellites in the range C06 to C35 can be simulated.

We plan on supporting BeiDou GEO satellites in the not too distant future, and afterwards expend the satellite range which can be simulated.

I would recommend using Trimble as a reference, as Wikipedia is not updated regularly. On this site, it’s possible to choose a date to see which satellites were operational that day.


Note that Skydel supports BeiDou GEO satellites for quite some time now (since release 21.9.0, with improvement to their usability in release 23.5.0)

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