When building trajectories on SKYDEL, you have the way to search for locations using the From and To fields directly with Open Street Map( You can right-click on the map and select “Direction From/To Here”. The map will display a preview of your selected trajectory.

Question : this process update the map automaticaly when you are connected on Internet. There is also a way to use Off-Line process and use map pre-recorded.

How can you set OpenStreet Maps OFF LINE ?


Hi Sylvain,

You effectively can use OpenStreet Maps off line. But you cannot use the “search” features with the offline map. You could use KML or CSV files to import a route for your simulation.
To see the maps offline in Skydel you have to set up a local OpenStreet Maps server. This is a quite long process. We can share a procedure to do that.

In the GSG-8, the local OSM server is already set up. You just have to configure Skydel to use it.


Hi Irene,

Can you share the procedure to see the maps offline in Skydel (SSE) and also the procedure on how to configure SSE in GSG8 to use its OSM server?

I have seen the procedure on how to import files to SSE / GSG8 here:

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