NoneRT vs. None

Why does the NoneRT output type require an Nvidia driver but the None output type does not?

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NoneRT mode actually creates IQ data in real-time, just like a simulation with an SDR, only it doesn’t send the information to the radio. This allows you to see the spectrum view (generated from IQ data). The NVIDIA GPU is used to generate the IQ samples.
None mode does not generate IQ samples at all, so it does not need the NVIDIA GPU. None mode is usually used to generate log files faster than real-time. With None mode, you are unable to view the spectrum data on the Spectrums tab of Skydel.


Hi. I would add another use of “None” mode : as it can work on a laptop that doesn’t have NVIDIA GPU hardware and driver, it can be usefull for Demos and trials or for additionnal debug purposes, in parallel with the main SKYDEL system.