HIL with Master/Slave setup

When trying to push HIL data from an external system to a Master/Slave setup the Slave posts the error: “HIL Error: Client must push at least one position”. Obviously the Slave isn’t getting any HIL data, but my question is why?

  • I can run a scenario pushing HIL data from the external system to just the Master.
  • I can run a non-HIL Master/Slave scenario as well (meaning configuration data, etc is being broadcast to the slave correctly).
  • But for whatever reason the Slave isn’t receiving any HIL data from the Master despite the Master/Slave sync appearing to be working correctly.

For the HIL data I’m using a very slightly modified (changed host target to the Master IP, using the pushEcefNed command instead of LLA, etc.) version of the C++ example runExampleHilRealtime.

The only workaround I’ve found is to simultaneously push HIL data to the Master and the Slave independently, which does work, but it’s messy and somewhat eliminates the point of using the master/slave setup.

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Hi Joshua,

The workaround you described is the way it should be done today.

The Master/Slave feature is to synchronize multiple simulations, but the simulators do not necessarily have the same type of trajectory, nor the same position. Having this is mind, there is no mechanism to forward automatically the positions to the Slave instances, you have to do as you described.

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