Latest HIL improvements

Dear Orolia Community,

As you know, we have released our latest version of Skydel (22.5) with major improvements in our HIL system. For those who are wondering what has been improved compared to older versions, here are the major changes:

  • Zero effective latency: Skydel extrapolates the position to compensate for the delay between the HIL simulator and Skydel computers

  • Extrapolation using velocity and acceleration: HIL can now accepts vehicle dynamics inputs for better accuracy

  • Reduction of system latency to 10ms

  • New graphs showing the system and HIL performance

If you are interested in updating to the latest HIL revision, please contact our team (

For more info on our new HIL feature, please visit the online user manual :point_right: [Orolia Skydel User Manual - HIL].

To request technical assistance, ask questions, or provide feedback on Skydel/GSG-8, please contact Orolia at
To stay up to date on the latest Skydel news and information, please visit our website: