GSG-5 plus Splitter to Test Multiple Receivers

GSG-5 Customer Question (applies to GSG-8): Require 1:4 or 1:8 Splitter. GSG-5 power output range is -65 to -160 dBm.
"We aim at connecting multiple receivers onto the GPS simulator.
We do not have any splitter in mind and would rather learn about your recommended setup for this task.

One specific GPS receiver would expect to receive GPS L1 signals in the range of ~ 37 to 45 dB-Hz C/N0, which is roughly equivalent to an SNR of ~ –29 dB to –21 dB.
A starting value of -65 dBm seems low with adding another -11dBm for each 1:8 splitter output. "

Given the SNR value is an amplifier recommended?

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Hi @mventresca ,

On the surface – assuming this is conducted testing – it doesn’t sound like an additional splitter is needed.

For the splitter loss it depends on the number of splits - 1:2 splitter each port loses 3dB (signal divided in half). 1:4 each port loses ~6dB, 1:8 splitter, each port loses 9dB.

But to be certain, we would need to know the type of cables are being used and their approximate length in order to determine the GSG setting and whether an amplifier is needed or not.



Hello Andre! Thanks for the response. Spoke with Grace… Recommended an LNA. Ultimately the customer will need to determine how to set this up in relation to their receiver requirements.